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D. Light
Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and with the change of season comes a change of temperature -- internally, externally and emotionally. Maybe there's no known remedy for Spring Fever, but here's what you can expect while it's happening to you! ARIES Spring Strength: You're all action. Thinking is optional. Spring Weakness: See above. Advice: Don't mix a passionate mood with access...
  • nov 2
    06:23 pm

    Harmony in the Home

    Dear D. Light, "Help! I messed up my home's feng shui and I need it back the way it was -- I mean, spiritually. But I want the renovations to... read more
  • sep 10
    06:35 pm

    D. Light-ful Astrology Questions

    #1. "Hey D. Light, I am a Libra born September 23, 1963. Have I been following the life path that was destined for me? Am I currently doing what... read more
  • aug 6
    05:05 pm

    How to Communicate with Him

    Get tongue tied around a cute guy? Do you feel misunderstood? Does it seem like your partner is just not listening? Mercury, the minister of... read more
  • may 22
    07:18 pm

    Broken Hearts Club

    Heart broke? The wise T.E. Kalem once wrote of a:"…final comfort that is small but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that... read more
  • jan 15
    03:26 pm

    Loosen Up Aquarius, Pisces!

    Is over-thinking ruining your sex life? Try these ideas for getting out of your head and into the bed … Aquarius: Mood Music You are one of the... read more
  • dec 10
    04:55 pm

    Holiday Health Tips!

    What's the one thing you can do this holiday season to help yourself remain healthy? Find your Sun sign below and learn more. ARIES and SAGITTARIUS... read more
  • aug 13
    03:02 pm

    Lunar Seduction Secrets: Pisces

    If you really think that the object of affection you've invested so much of your lusty daydreams in was meant to be yours, you had better make him... read more
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